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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hamster & Small Animal Club!

We want to start a Hamster and Small Animal Club focused on kids. We need a few motivated parents to brainstorm something that will cost nothing. The idea is teaching kids how to love and respect their pets and to give them fun ways to interact with them and other kids. Our kids are our future and they need to learn empathy and social skills. No computer games allowed:)! Are there any takers on this concept? Give us a call!

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At July 15, 2010 at 8:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! Just a few thoughts...sorry there are so many

1) the younger the kid the "sturdier" the animal should be. Most really young kids can handle a gentle Ginnie pig or rabbit or even parrot for a few minutes without hurting the animal, but I've seen small kids kill mice and hamsters. So perhaps the older the kids the smaller the animal allowed?

2) first discuss basic details (age, where they're from, favorite foods, what they're like, and how old and big they get), then what it's like to raise them (food, vet, cleaning, so on), and then games to play with them.

3) Bonding tips; for example, bonding pouches for small mammals, perches for shy birds, so on and so forth

4) Empathy exercises? They can pretend they're an animal playing with its owner, then see how it feels when their owner won't play with them. It's something my kindergarten teacher did with us and it left a huge impression on me and many of my classmates.

5) teach them how to make crafts for their animals, like sock toys for ferrets and so on

6) teach them warning signs for their animals, like if the animal isn't playing as much or isn't eating as much.

7) have a Companion-animal bring-along, when they get to show how sweet their companion animal is and why they love them. Get their photo taken with the animal and everything.

This could be comprised of several main companion animals with their humans who come to most of the meetings and are kind of the main stars of the show, so to speak, with guests stars (people who can show up every so often with their companion animal). It could meet at local parks or at schools or be hosted at peoples houses. It would have to be a strictly volunteer sort of thing. you could ask the kids to bring carrots and such for the animals to snack on.

Just a lot of cool things could happen with this. Hope it works out! :-D

At November 25, 2010 at 1:54 PM , Blogger Animal Talk said...

I love it! Give me a call!


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